Calligraphy Projects

There exists many different kinds of calligraphy styles about which you can learn more by clicking here. I do Brush & Broad Edge Calligraphy with continuous exploration of other styles.

Broad Edge Calligraphy

As the name suggests, this type of calligraphy is done by Broad Edge Pen i.e., the pen which has the flat bottom ( Eg: Pilot Parallel Pen). This type of pen is also called Cut Pen, Flat Pen etc. Some of the most popular styles of calligraphy can be written using this type of pen. For Eg: we can write Blackletter (Gothic),
Italics, Foundational Hand etc. Below are the examples of Broad Edge Calligraphy:

Blackletter Calligraphy

This is the one of the most popular styles of Calligraphy. Done by using a Broad Edge Pen and thus comes under Broad Edge Calligraphy. It was one of the forms of Blackletter Styles with which I started. I was intrigued by the upright sharp letter forms and tried to give it a shot. Below shown are the various Blackletter Styles. Know more about it on Resources Page.

Italic Calligraphy

One of the popular and most experimented style of Calligraphy. Again, just like Blackletter this is also done by using a broad edge pen and thus comes under Broad Edge Calligraphy. There can be many many styles within the Italics. Know more about it on Resources Page

Brush Calligraphy

The type of calligraphy done by Pointed Brush falls under this category. This is one of the most popular forms of calligraphy in contemporary world. One can use simple Pointed Brush or a Brush Pen to do this type of calligraphy. You can check out a lot of tutorials on my Instagram or YouTube. You can find some of my works created using Brush Pens below:

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